What is Trek?

  • Trek is a special Stake Youth Conference where participants experience a 3 day reenactment of a pioneer handcart trek.

What is the purpose of Trek?

  • Trek will help us appreciate the faith, obedience, perseverance, and sacrifice of early Mormon pioneers. We will learn from the past to gain strength and courage for the future.

When will trek be held?

  • Trek will be held on June 15-18, 2022.

What pre-Trek and post-Trek events are being planned?

        • Please take a look at the Important Dates page for a list of important events.

Where is the trek being held?

  • Trek will be held at Deseret Land and Livestock

Who can participate in trek?

  • The Draper Stake Pioneer Trek of 2022 is for all youth living within the Draper Stake boundaries between the ages of 14 and 18. Those who turn 14 in 2022 and those who turn 19, and graduate from high school in 2022 are included in this definition.

Can the youth bring friends on the trek?

  • Unfortunately not. We love when friends join us for all activities, but this activity is a little different. Due to costs and very limited bus space we must limit this activity to only youth in our stake.

Can any adult in the stake go on trek who wants to go?

  • Pioneer Treks are stake youth activities for the youth. There are a limited number of individuals that can go on the Trek due to the cost of transportation and food. For this reason only the adult leaders that have received a specific assignment or invitation will be going on the Trek.

What is the registration deadline?

  • The deadline for trek registration is Sunday, March 27th. To register for trek please go to the registration page HERE and follow the instructions.

How will we get to and from the trek location?

  • The Draper Stake Young Womens and Young Mens will have arranged with Stake Members to transport the trekkers to and from the trek location.

How far will we be walking each day?

  • Trek participants will be trekking and pulling a handcart 6 – 12 miles each day.

Can I attend only part of Pioneer Trek, or leave and come back, if necessary?

  • No. The remote location, full agenda, and close “family” relationships of Trek make it necessary for youth to attend the entire event.

What medical provisions are going to be provided?

  • There will be at least one physician on the trek who is dedicated to medical surveillance and treatment.

  • There will be nurses or EMT assigned to trek with each company.

  • A medical unit will be set up at each camp.

  • Anyone taking prescription medication is responsible to bring, store and take them as prescribed. Please notify your nurse if you need assistance.

  • Medications such as acetaminophen, ibuprofen, antacids, etc. will be available from your assigned nurse or at the medical unit.

Why do we need to fill out and turn in a Registration and Medical Release Form?

  • We need to know who is going for accountability purposes and food preparation.

  • Medical and appropriate personnel need to be aware of specific medical needs in order to be prepared.

  • Medical provisions are limited by the location and logistics of the trek.

What is a “Trek Family”?

  • Each young man or young women will be assigned to a Trek Family. The bishops in the stake have carefully selected “Ma’s and Pa’s” from each ward. These individuals will lead your family for the duration of the Trek. Other members of your Trek Family will be other young men and young women from the different Wards throughout the stake. There will be 8 to 10 members to each family.

What will we eat?

  • Trek participants will be provided with snacks and three meals each day.

  • Daily menus will be made by the trek food committee to provide for appropriate protein and carbohydrates.

  • If a trekker has significant food allergies, please let a member of the stake YM and YW presidency know. We will try to best handle specific allergies with our food committee.

What about bathroom facilities?

  • Portable bathrooms will be available while trekking and at the camp sites.

What are the sleeping accommodations?

  • Each trek family will have tents assigned to their family.

  • Girls will be separate from the boys.

  • Each participant will bring their own sleeping bag, blanket, and pad.

Will there be plenty of water?

  • Each handcart will have sufficient water for drinking and washing hands.

  • There is not water for washing hair or bathing.

Is dehydration a concern?

  • Yes it is. Numerous breaks will be taken while trekking to drink water.

  • Drink at least 8 to 10 ounces of water at every break. You will feel stronger and much better.

Why is make-up and perfume not allowed?

  • Make-up takes too much time and will distract from the trek and trek activities.

  • Perfume and perfumed lotions attract mosquito and other insects, and attracts some animals.

Why are electronic devices not allowed?

  • This is a tremendous opportunity to get out of the world and worldly influences.

  • This allows for better opportunities to feel the spirit in our lives.

  • It allows for better interaction with family members and other trek participants.

Why should we use glasses instead of contact lenses?

  • The wind always blows in this region. Dust and debris in the air is common.

Where can I get the pioneer clothing?

  • Trek participants are responsible for obtaining their own trek clothing.

  • Deseret Industries is a great place to find inexpensive clothing that meets the requirements. Don’t wait until the last day to obtain the clothing.

  • Borrow clothing from others who have been on treks.

  • Patterns for bonnets and aprons will be available to you from leaders.

  • Ward members may be available to help sew needed items.

How much does Trek cost?

  • Participants only have to give a little preparation and a smile.

What will we be doing other than trekking?

  • Pioneer story telling

  • Morning devotionals

  • Family Home Evenings

  • Firesides

  • Testimony Meeting

  • Square Dance

  • Pioneer games/activities