The 2022 Draper Stake Trek will occur at the Church's Deseret Land and Live Stock location near Evanston, WY.

General Information:

Directions for Trek groups traveling East on I-80: Take exit #191, the Wahsatch Exit which is the last Utah exit and 10 miles west of Evanston, Wyoming (if you get to Evanston, you have gone too far!). Exit the freeway; turn left under the freeway; turn right on the frontage road and go past the old shed and water tower. Just past the water tower, turn left and go over the railroad tracks. Make sure you come to a complete STOP before crossing the tracks. Our gate is right after the tracks and there will be signs indicating specific trek groups to go to either left or right, depending on their trail assignment.

Caution: Do not Google for directions as it will send you to the wrong location! Please give the correct directions (noted above) to all drivers.

DL&L Trek Director’s Phone: 801-386-2979

Email: dllhandcarttreks@gmail.com

Deseret Land and Live Stock

DL_L Trek route map.pdf